Resolute Z8

The original Z8 “Intrepid” range of boats established Resolute as a force to be reckoned with.

The imminent release of our new “Challenger” range of boats will showcase the knowledge and capability of our Global Technology Partners, demonstrate our ongoing passion and commitment to innovation, and  define the next chapter in Resolute’ s proud history.  

Unfortunately “Time and Tide (and technology) wait for No-One” so the time has come to retire the Intrepid range of boats and create the next chapter in Resolute ’s proud history. The new Challenger range will be wholly manufactured in our Australian Technology partner’s facilities near Melbourne, Australia.

Our relentless focus on continually improving design, construction methods and materials will continue to enhance Resolute ‘s reputation for being the fastest, stiffest and most durable boat in the market. Our new range of hydrodynamically designed hull shapes will improve efficiency through the water, enhance stability which together will simply make the boats go faster!

Aside from a few small upgrades, components remain relatively consistent across the old Intrepid and new Challenger ranges of boats. Initially the Challenger range will be supplied only with improved aluminium rigger and pin arrangements. We are however looking forward to debuting our new range of full carbon  stern and bow mounted riggers which have been developed by our new technology partners in Australia. These should be available for demo soon.  

Over the years, the Z8 Intrepid was consistently a preference for collegiate and junior programs. We look forward to seeing these programs in the new range of Resolute Challenger boats.

Available initially in Lightweight, Midweight and Light Heavyweight every Resolute Challenger is fully fitted with carbon fiber seats, foot-stretchers, and Aluminium Wing riggers. Custom painting and all accessories are also available.

Wave Piercing Bow
Next Gen Footstretchers
Height Adjustable Seats
Micro Pitch Pins
Next Gen Skeg Rudder System



Z8 Specs

Super Light 8+50 ft13.75 in23 in120-150 lbs
Light 8+53 ft 4 in14.5 in24 in145-170 lbs
Mid 8+54 ft 1 in14.75 in24.5 in165-195 lbs
XT 8+54 ft 1 in14.75 in24.5 in165-205 lbs
Heavy A8+54 ft 11 in15 in29 in195-225 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange