Resolute Z2

The RESOLUTE Pair/Double is one of our newest boat models. We will continue to offer part of this range from our Australian Technology Partner’s facility.

It is available as a double, or as a pair, or as a pair/double. It utilizes the same hull shape philosophy that our original designers used to build incredibly fast, yet durable boats. Our Australian Technology partners have made some minor cosmetic changes but that’s all.

This boat is an ideal all-rounder. It is fast and stiff enough for the elite racers who want to win medals at world class events and stable and durable enough for novices who want to develop world class skills and might bump a dock or two.

Available as Midweight and Heavyweight versions only, this boat currently comes standard with aluminium stern mounted wing riggers and retains the improved RESOLUTE footstretchers with EZ Gliders to facilitate ease of fore/aft adjustment.

boat z2
Wave Piercing Bow
Next Gen Footstretchers
Height Adjustable Seats
Micro Pitch Pins
Next Gen Skeg Rudder System



Z2 Specs

Super Light 8+50 ft13.75 in23 in120-150 lbs
Light 8+53 ft 4 in14.5 in24 in145-170 lbs
Mid 8+54 ft 1 in14.75 in24.5 in165-195 lbs
XT 8+54 ft 1 in14.75 in24.5 in165-205 lbs
Heavy A8+54 ft 11 in15 in29 in195-225 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange