Resolute Z4

Resolute’s boats are built to inspire your best performance.

The Z4 hull shape has proven to be a stalwart of the Resolute offering and demonstrates our customary high-quality design and construction, plus incredible stiffness for its size. This range of hull shapes will continue to be offered as part of the “Challenger” range from production in our Australian Technology partner’s facility.

We have used this opportunity to make some important and necessary upgrades to all Resolute 4’s manufactured after 1 June 2023. These upgrades will ensure compliance with the FISA rules for flotation and improve the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the hull without any changes to the hull and hydrodynamic performance.

Available in Lightweight and Midweight models, every Z4 is delivered fully fitted with carbon fiber seats, footstretchers, and initially only Aluminium wing riggers. your choice of either Euro style or Wing riggers.

Custom painting, and other options/accessories are also available. Full Carbon wing riggers (stern mount) will also soon be available.

boat z4
Wave Piercing Bow
Next Gen Footstretchers
Height Adjustable Seats
Micro Pitch Pins
Next Gen Skeg Rudder System



Z4 Specs

Light 4+39 ft12.60 in20.86 in120-165 lbs
Mid 4-39 ft12.60 in20.86 in150-195 lbs
Mid 4x39 ft12.60 in20.86 in150-195 lbs
Mid 4+41 ft 6 in13 in21.75 in145-200 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange