RESOLUTE to consolidate manufacturing, design, and innovation teams.

Resolute Rowing is moving its manufacturing and design operations to the state-of-the-art facility operated by Sykes Racing in Geelong, Australia effective June 1, 2023. After 28 years in the same small manufacturing facility in Bristol, Rhode Island, this move allows Resolute Rowing to leverage the expansive facilities and experienced craftsmen already famous for producing the Sykes Racing line of products.  The owners of Sykes Racing became the majority owners of Resolute Rowing four years ago in 2019. The consolidation of manufacturing and design will enhance quality and cost efficiency across every category of design and manufacturing and create a center of excellence for the group of brands and products that comprise both Resolute Rowing and Sykes Racing.  The Australian factory houses the group’s primary production facility (50,000 sq. ft.), its business headquarters, and a renowned research and development facility resourced with the best people, skills and infrastructure required to deliver on this transition seamlessly and enhance the reputation of quality and durability of RESOLUTE boats.

Sykes Australia

In conjunction with the consolidation and enhancement of manufacturing and design operations, Resolute Rowing and Sykes USA are upgrading their sales and customer service operations with the appointment of a new North American Distributor: Last 500 under the leadership of Ed Bell. Ed Bell is an experienced international rowing boat distributor, former U.S. National Team athlete, and a notable inventor of rowing products used by elite coaches. Ed and his team will service all new and existing RESOLUTE and Sykes USA customers from their facility in Medford, NJ. 

As of June 1, 2023, all RESOLUTE and Sykes spare parts and after-sales support will also be handled by Last 500. We are excited to have an agent of Ed Bell’s experience and stature working with our products.  The Last500 team can be contacted at: 

East Coast & Central Contact – Ed Bell[email protected]
Mid-West Contact – Frank Sands[email protected]
West Coast Contact – Tanner Godfrey[email protected]

Additional team members will soon be on the ground in the North East and the South East regions.

As part of this exciting transition, Resolute Rowing will soon have new designs for 8s available for demo rows. We have designed and tested a new range of 8+ hulls that will initially be manufactured in and supplied from Australia.

We believe that we have modernized this range of boats, enhanced the biomechanical set up for the rowers and moved into the 21st Century in terms of production methods. Pricing of these hulls will be very attractive due to the scale and established facility in Australia. 

Demonstrator hulls in the 3 “priority” weight classes (Lightweight, Midweight and Light-Heavyweight) will be available for testing on the East Coast of the USA later in the Fall season of 2023.

We anticipate taking orders during the coming Fall for first commercial supply in the Spring of 2024.

Our sales team will reach out to customers soon to arrange the testing.

Production of all RESOLUTE Intrepid 1X, 2X/- and 4X-/+ Intrepid boats will be relocated to the SYKES Australia factory. Customers will still be able to order these specific boats.

Contact: Ed Bell at Last500

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