Careers – Open Position

Director of Sales and Marketing

Resolute Rowing manufactures and sells a brand of rowing shell that has a distinct American design heritage and a reputation for durability and speed.  Under new ownership, the company has expanded its offering of products and services to include additional brands -most prominently, the American distributorship for Sykes Racing – used boats, and a robust repairs and refurbishment capability.  An additional brand will be added to the portfolio in late spring of 2022.  The company maintains a facility in Bristol, Rhode Island and is supported by an international design, supply chain, and manufacturing team at Sykes Racing in Australia, giving it extensive leverage in a rapidly changing global rowing marketplace. 

The new Director of Sales and Marketing will be the face of the brand during an important and transformative time in the company’s history.  The position will have responsibility for sales and brand development and growth throughout North America for all of the brands housed under Resolute Rowing.


  • As a key participant in the relationship between the company and our customers, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring s/he have the competence and professionalism to be the face of the company and its Brands.
  • Deploy creativity and strategic thinking in enhancing the company image and reputation.
  • Maintain designated company database or CRM system. Ensure that all customer records, including any dealings, expectations, past and/or future sales, changes of personnel etc. are appropriately documented.
  • Be the “Voice of the Customer” for the business. Provide customer / sales feedback, good and bad, to the management team regularly.
  • Contribute to company product research and development plans, including making any recommendations for research and development needs or deficiencies.
  • Competitor Intel – monitor and evaluate the activities and products of the competition as appropriate on an ongoing basis.
  • Collaborate with operating partners to strengthen sales, short and long-term marketing efforts, corporate communications, and brand identity.


The incumbent is a member of the Leadership Team of the company and is expected to contribute positively to the external image and reputation of the company as well as encourage effective internal teamwork.

  • Reports to: Chief Manufacturing Officer and Chief Operating Officer
  • Direct Reports: Designated regional sales representatives and customer service associates
  • Internal Liaisons: Company Management Team and other staff
  • External Liaisons: Customers and Industry bodies. Other complementary product and service Providers


Responsibilities and duties of the position include:


  • Maintain existing customer base and generate additional sales growth for the company across all its various products and brands.
  • Prepare and supply quotations to customers for new boats and other products/services offered by the company.
  • Prepare sales and call plans. Ensure that these are always up to date. These will be presented to and reviewed with the Operating Partners at least quarterly.
  • Meet with customers regularly (at least 2 days a week, every week) to discuss their future product needs, existing concerns, and formulate plans to service and support their ever-changing needs.
  • Make sure that every existing or potential customer is properly and professionally engaged and every matter, no matter how small, is followed up and closed out to their total satisfaction.
  • Provide regular (at least monthly) feedback to customers on expected completion dates for their products.
  • When in office, taking and dealing with all spare parts calls – preparing all paperwork, taking payment, and ensuring that the stores personnel pick and expedite any shipments as fast as humanly possible.


  • Prepare and review weekly sales report for publishing by 4pm on Friday of each week.
  • Prepare a monthly sales report focussing on:
    • Secured customer orders for new boats, and
    • Forward sales order pipeline, and
    • Competitor sales success and emerging market trends, and
    • Spare parts and repairs sales summary

General Corporate Responsibilities

  • Promote excellence in customer service and in conjunction with the Operating Partners
  • Identify, recommend, review and implement strategies to help the Operating Partners improve service quality and efficiency.
  • Maintain strong team relationships among colleagues and community groups, on a formal and informal basis,
  • Ensure the security of the Company’s property and assets and maintain a commitment to the care of all property and assets.


The position requires:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Humility and persuasion – listen to the customer but influence the outcome so that the solution suits the best interests of the company.
  • Strong administrative skills and attention to detail
  • Basic skills in Microsoft Excel and other MS Office software.


The position requires skills in managing time, setting priorities and planning and organising one’s own work and where appropriate that of other employees so as to achieve specific and set objectives in the most efficient way possible within the resources available and within a set timetable.


The position requires the ability to gain co-operation and assistance from customers and other employees in the administration of defined activities. The position will be able to liaise with counterparts in other organisations to discuss specialist matters and with employees in other functions within the organisation to resolve intra-organisational problems.


  • Personable
  • Experience with the sport of rowing as a participant, coach, or administrator and a knowledge of all segments from club and recreational to elite performance.
  • Some basic technical knowledge of the product offering.
  • Hands-On experience on at least one of the core product areas is desirable.  
  • Demonstrated customer service skills (to both internal and external clients).
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • A team player
  • College degree strongly preferred