Resolute Rowing Launching Rebrand as First of Several 2022 Initiatives

BRISTOL, RI – Rowing shell manufacturer Resolute Racing announced a comprehensive rebranding today, shifting the company’s name to Resolute Rowing and launching a refreshed logo, website, and brand identity.

The Resolute Rowing rebranding is the first of several major initiatives the company will undertake in 2022 and reflects its evolution under recent ownership changes and the challenges of the global pandemic.  Resolute Racing was acquired in mid-2019 by a partnership group led by Australia based Sykes Racing and an American operating partner.  The company streamlined its product lines and processes ahead of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and positioned itself to capitalize on a global reach of manufacturing, materials, and design expertise.  “This refresh of Resolute’s iconic brand reflects our unwavering commitment to taking the company to the next level.  We are combining the very best of Resolute’s history with the global reach and experience of our family of rowing companies,” said Mark Nothnagel, Chief Manufacturing Officer of Resolute Rowing. 

The company seeks to serve the rower throughout the entire lifecycle of their engagement in the sport – through all seasons of each year and throughout the rower’s life.  “We love to go racing, but the rowing journey is so much more than that.  Our new brand celebrates the grit of our customers and our unwavering commitment to enable their success,” said Ed Gehres, the American operating partner in Resolute.  The company’s new brand identity is encapsulated in its new tag line, which places rowers and their grit at the center of the company’s mission:  “Your grit, our shells.  Resolute together.” 

Resolute Rowing offers a full line of rowing shells, from single sculls to the durable and stable eights it is best known for.  It continues to expand the repair and refurbishment capabilities at its Bristol, Rhode Island location and is planning to add several new designs and product lines as 2022 progresses.

About Resolute Rowing

Resolute Rowing is a full-service rowing company that manufactures shells with a distinctly American heritage born of championship rowing leaders and innovative America’s Cup boat builders.  Today, the company is part of an international family of companies and products led by the owners of Australia’s Sykes Racing.