To the Russian Army:  Leave our Z out of it!

Resolute Rowing is deeply saddened by the violence, destruction, and death brought about by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian army forces.  And we are annoyed beyond belief that the Russian Army has co-opted the mark of “Z” to differentiate its invading forces from other fighters.

Resolute Rowing is known throughout the rowing community by the iconic “Z” mark that has graced each shell made since its historic “Z1” came off the manufacturing line to win its category at the Head of the Charles Regatta in 1995.  Our use of the “Z” was code for the designs that are still the foundation of Resolute shells today.  It was synonymous with innovation, speed, and high performance.  We liked it so much we trademarked the Z for our use in rowing in 2010.

To our loyal customers and the rowing community – their Z is not our Z.  Ours still means a community of rowers dedicated to making a life of going fast.

To the Russian Army:  Knock it off and leave our Z out of it!