Resolute Together

We are incredibly proud to introduce the newly rebranded Resolute Rowing.  This is the first of several important transformative initiatives that will take place over the rest of 2022.  We wanted to start the American racing season by focusing on the very best elements of both our history as a company and what we have evolved towards over the last two years.  Like many of our customers, friends, and neighbors, the global COVID-19 pandemic was a very tough time for Resolute.  We experienced repeated crises in supply chain, challenges in operating our manufacturing facility, and a rowing marketplace that saw larger club, school, and university programs cancel or modify seasons, drastically reducing the need for many new shells (and understandably so), while the market for small boats exploded.  Along with these periods of crises came ample opportunity for introspection, for strategic planning, and the chance to challenge ourselves to embrace the realities of a changed world as owners and operators.

Your Grit, Our Shells.

We asked ourselves “what is the single greatest common characteristic of our customer base?”  Our customers – the athletes who row the shells we make and the coaches and program leaders who decide to buy them – are at the center of our vision for the future.  And the thing they all have in common is grit.  Resolute boats have won many championships and were even used to set a world’s best time for the men’s open eight that stood for many years.  But our bond to our rowers is much deeper than just medals and accolades.  Today, you find Resolute eights and fours in many high school programs and clubs that need durable and dependable boats for large numbers of youth who are falling in love with the sport.  You also find lots of Resolute shells in mid-sized college programs that need to get the best mix of speed and durability that means the boat will be fast for many years.  These programs are often a gateway for people to fall in love with the sport, and see it become a foundation of their success as an athlete and as a person.  The shells we build are vessels of opportunity.  We wanted to celebrate the hard work and perseverance we see in our customers – that is why the rower’s grit is the first ingredient to our future vision. 

Resolute Together

Today, being resolute, as individuals and as a company, means so much more than before the pandemic.  We wanted our new brand to reflect that.  Our company name is now Resolute Rowing rather than Resolute Racing.  We still like to go racing, and we mean to be fast.  But we recognize the journey our rowers take has a larger purpose than just getting to the starting line.  Many days, especially through the pandemic, just getting out onto the water for some meaningful strokes was something to celebrate.  We wanted our name to encompass that larger journey in rowing, and to be inclusive of rowers whose journey won’t (or maybe can’t) involve racing.  And we wanted to reflect that we are evolving as a company to offer new brands, new designs, and a broader range of services.  To be resolute, the dictionary tells us, is to be “admirably determined” and “unwavering.”  Our new name is intended to reflect our commitment to be with rowers throughout the lifecycle of their extended journey in this most marvelous sport.  If you are engaging in rowing, we are your unwavering partner.  We are grateful to be part of the rowing story.  The second part of our vision is rooted in this sense of community and partnership with rowers and all who support them.  We are – Resolute Together. 

What’s Next?

We will have more to say in the coming months on the exciting changes coming throughout this year for Resolute Rowing.  We will use this space to discuss many of these transformative events.  And we will also share our thoughts on observations on the greater challenges and opportunities facing the sport of rowing and its community.  But for now – we made it.  We are mindful of the many challenges that are ahead, but we are ready to get on the water with you.  Welcome to Resolute Rowing.